Make up your mind Robbo

Mark Robinson can’t seem to decide where he stands on Harry O’Brien. Much like the rest of the football media, he crucified Harry when he walked out of the club on Thursday following an unknown incident.

He showed some sympathy after Harry revealed to the media today that he was suffering from depression and dealing with issues relating to sexual abuse and witnessing a murder.

That sympathy was short lived after he tweeted that O’Brien was not sexually abused.

This comes following a media frenzy surrounding Harry O’Brien, which looks set to continue despite his request for privacy. What are your views, have the media been unfair? Feel free to share in the comments


Week 13

We discuss Harry O’brien and the media circus surrounding him over the past week. Dave and Dan are pretty happy with the outcome of Collingwood v Carlton, Danny wasn’t so happy. Baefs Beef for the week is the harsh penalty for interchange violations

Week 11

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We are the Regulars

Because there isn’t enough AFL commentary out there, we have started a football podcast. You’ve heard from the experts, now hear from the complete opposite, three regular guys who just love footy. This blog will give you even more of our opinions, because you just can’t get enough of us. This blog will give you our weekly footy wraps, for the full podcast check out our soundcloud page. Here’s our recap of  Round 6